Lupicia craft beer brewery completed

A beer brewery that was under construction in Niseko Town by major tea seller Lupicia (Niseko Town, central Hokkaido) has been completed. The brewery will start brewing from late September onward, and plans to ship 120 thousand liters annually as a Niseko craft beer starting in November.
The beer brewery was built in Yotei, Niseko Town along National Route 5. It is a one story building 380 square meters in size. The total construction cost was 500 million yen. The brewery houses five 1,000-liter brewing tanks, and five types of beer will be brewed there, including a fruity beer brewed from Mt. Yotei underground water called “Pale Ale” and the refreshingly bitter “IPA beer.”
The company had already started pre-selling “Youtei Sanroku Beer” since December last year by outsourcing the brewing of craft beer to alcohol producers inside and outside of Hokkaido. The beer shipped from the Lupicia brewery will be offered as a draft beer to restaurants in the Yotei foothills and will also be sold nationwide as bottled beer under the “From Niseko” brand spotlight on their internet sales web site.

Completed Lucipia beer brewery