Massive Okhotsk beet harvesting

In east Hokkaido’s Okhotsk region, harvesting has picked up speed for beets. The round, plump, white beets are being dug up in large numbers.
In the Tokorocho Agriculture Cooperative (JA Tokoro) in Kitami City, 117 farmers planted approximately 1,147 hectares of beets this year. Harvesting work began in early October, and on October 12, a harvester hooked up to a tractor dug up beets in large numbers at Agricultural Producers’ Cooperative Corporation “HIKARI”. A man working hard at harvesting said, “We were blessed with good weather again, and this year’s crop is wonderful.”
According to JA Tokoro, the sugar content is consistent with average years, measuring at the higher end of 16%. The harvest quantity per 10 ares (1000 square meters) of land is estimated at 7.7 tons, which is higher than the average year. Harvesting will continue until around early November.


JA Tokoro