Masuya bakery in Obihiro launches its first high quality bread made with Tokachi ingredients

Masuya President Sugiyama (left) and team holding "Minori no Megumi" and promoting the new product

On June 26, bread bakery and sales shop Masuya in Eastern Hokkaido’s Obihiro started selling limited quantities of “Minori no Megumi”, a high quality bread bursting with Tokachi ingredients. It is made from Tokachi grown flour “Minori no Chikara”, and is a high quality product that is softer and more plump than regular bread.

This is the first time for the Masuya bakery to try its hand at the high quality bread category since its inception in 1950. The ingredients are almost all from the Tokachi area, including “Tokachi Mascarpone Cheese” from Yotsuba Milk Products and “Asunaro Milk” from the town of Shimizu. The product name “Minori no Megumi” was determined by an open decision making process in the company. Minori refers to the use of “Minori no Chikara” flour, and Megumi reflects the heavy use of Tokachi’s natural bounty (which is megumi in Japanese).

At a press conference in Masuya on June 23, company president Sugiyama Masanori commented, “This product is the result of pondering long and hard, for about a year, over what exactly a high quality Tokachi bread should be. We are looking forward to people in Tokachi trying it.”

The price is 1,500 yen for 2 catties (a double loaf). Masuya sells ten loaves on weekdays and twenty loaves on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. The loaves are slated to finish baking at 2:00 p.m.


Masuya bakery