Mini-bonfire café is creating a buzz in Sapporo

An establishment called Takibi (bonfire) Café, featuring mini-bonfires at each table has opened up in Nishi Ward, Sapporo. Word about the café is quickly spreading. The café had been closed temporarily to prevent spread of the new coronavirus, but reopened. “This is a totally new style of cafe, and I hope to make it a new Hokkaido specialty after the pandemic has subdued,” said owner Mr. Fujii.

He runs this café using space facing the outside of the building in his friend’s café “Jimmy Brown”. Pieces of cedar wood approximately 12 cm in length are burned on the small bonfire stand placed on each table. A specially designed air intake and ventilation system allows customers to enjoy flames safely without much smoke.

The café offers beer, coffee, and other beverages. The “takibi fondue” option of smoking bacon, potatoes, and other ingredients, is also popular.

“Staring at the flame makes me forget my stress and feel calm,” said a customer.
Advance booking is required. Open from 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. Closed occasionally.