Newly established ‘Soft-serve Ice Cream Shop’ proves popular at Kobayashi Farm in Ebetsu

Soft-serve ice cream made with fresh milk

 The ‘Kobayashi Farm Soft-serve Ice Cream Shop’ run by the Kobayashi Farm dairy in Sapporo’s neighboring city of Ebetsu is proving popular. After opening in late April, the establishment attracted approximately 1,300 visitors per day during the long vacation period. With milk and cheese also on sale there, the wide range of fresh dairy products is receiving favorable reviews.

 The shop, located in the grounds of Kobayashi Farm along the prefectural highway linking Ebetsu and Eniwa, is a single-story wooden building. The facility includes an eat-in space and soft-serve ice cream processing plant, where fresh milk direct from the farm is processed. The grounds are adjacent to the Nopporo primeval forest and pastoral scenery can be viewed from the windows. Car parking for more that 40 vehicles is also available.

 Three varieties of soft-serve ice cream in milk, yogurt, and mixed milk & yogurt flavors (380 yen) are available. The original rich flavor of the milk can be enjoyed in the soft-serve milk ice cream, which has a refreshing aftertaste, while the soft-serve yogurt ice cream has a refreshing sweet and sour taste. Toppings in the form of three varieties of sauces, including strawberry, are also available (100–150 yen each).

 Despite the facility’s recent opening, it is proving popular among a wide range of customers, from families with children to older couples. On the weekend prior to the state of emergency being issued due to the spread of infection from the Covid-19 virus, approximately 800 people per day visited from the suburbs.

 According to the farm’s CEO, Kobayashi, “It’s still a new facility but we hope it becomes a much-loved business rooted in the region.”

Kobayashi Farm Soft-serve Ice Cream Shop, which opened in April


Kobayashi Farm Soft-serve Ice Cream Shop