Niseko’s “snow cabbages” sufficiently sweet

Cabbages dug out from under the snow in the Yamashitas’ fields

The work of digging out and shipping cabbages that were harvested in the autumn and stored under the snow to bring out their sweetness is now in full swing in the town of Niseko.
In Niseko, several farmers are shipping cabbages stored under the snow. At the farm of Yamashita Kyoko, who has been producing the cabbages for approximately 20 years, cabbages harvested from approximately 30 acres of fields in November last year were placed under the snow in approximately 30 rows, each 100 meters long.
Currently, the snow cover is approximately 1.5 meters deep. Heavy snow removal machinery is used to remove the snow covering the cabbages, and shovels are then used to dig them out. Approximately five to six hundred cabbages are dug out during the work, which takes between one and two weeks. On February 22, Yamashita and her husband skillfully shoveled away the snow and piled the cabbages one after another into baskets. After removing the outer leaves, the cabbages are then shipped to the roadside rest area in Niseko as well as restaurants in Sapporo.
The cabbages are said to be in good condition due to the good weather last autumn. According to Kyoko, “The sweetness of the cabbages increases under the snow, and they taste different to summer cabbages. Try it in soups and the like.” Shipments will continue until around the end of March.


Niseko Town