Outdoor-grown Kimobetsu asparagus harvest only available for a month!

Asparagus harvesting ramps up in Kimobetsu. White asparagus, which grows gradually sweeter in the soil, is a flavor only available in spring.

Outdoor field-grown asparagus is a specialty item in Central Hokkaido’s town of Kimobetsu, and harvesting has now started in earnest. Available for only about a month, this asparagus is the short lived flavor of spring from the foot of Mount Yotei.

In the town of Kimobetsu this year, approximately 30 farmers have planted approximately 11.5 hectares total. At Maeda’s field, harvesting work started from around May 13. On the most productive days, they harvest up to over 100 kilos per day total of deliciously fresh green asparagus and mildly sweet white asparagus. On May 20, work began on carefully digging and clipping the white asparagus, which had been covered with a sheet to block direct sunlight, and has been growing gradually sweeter within the soil.

Maeda explained, “The harvest started later than last year, which was mildly warm. When the temperature climbs, asparagus will start to grow quickly, so we will start getting busier.”

Maeda is also busy shipping numerous packages to direct sales shops in Kimobetsu and to other regions. The harvest will last until around late June.


Kimobetsu Town