Kamikawa restaurant Asahi Shokudo offers limited-time "two-sword menu" featuring ramen and French cuisine   

Kamada (right) teaches Ito (left) about cooking technique and philosophy.

A new “two-sword menu” features lunchtime ramen as one “sword” and evening French cuisine as its second. Ramen shop “Asahi Shokudo” in the Northern Hokkaido town of Kamikawa has opened a French cuisine restaurant in the evenings for a limited time. The proprietor’s eldest son and French cuisine chef Kamada Yuki (41) demonstrates his skill and has young chefs in the city help out so they can learn his techniques.

Kamada served as the head cook for a French restaurant in Tokyo before taking his current position as the chef at auberge (a restaurant and inn) in Okinawa. He has prepared food with ingredients from Kamikawa both currently in Okinawa and previously in Tokyo. Out of a feeling of gratitude for the ingredients and a desire to bring French cuisine to the lives of Kamikawa residents, six years ago he started returning home yearly to take his place in the Asahi Shokudo kitchen in December.

Full course meals include options like low-heat lamb roast and smoked amberjack with fresh mushrooms and plum pulp, and they all feature vegetables from the town and the surrounding area. This year French cuisine will be available for approximately three weeks until December 22. The restaurant has already received an all-time reservation record of 120 people.

Since Kamada has been active outside of Hokkaido, he is also attracting multitudes of requests from young chefs in the area to come help in the kitchen and learn his techniques. Ito Rai (34), proprietor of the Kamikawa restaurant “Oshokujidokoro Satsuki”, reports that Kamada has been helpful in menu improvement and development, and commented, “There is so much more I want to learn from Kamada.”

Some Asahi Shokudo part-time staff members have even reportedly decided to become chefs after assisting Kamada. Kamada commented, “I want to teach about how to approach ingredients and how to think about the customer, and I want to cultivate chefs who are intimately empathetic to the feelings of others.”

Course meals start at 5,000 yen per person.


Asahi Shokudo