Peak harvest of juicy hydroponic paprika in Kushiro

The harvesting of hydroponically cultivated paprika, which takes advantage of the cool climate in Kushiro in eastern Hokkaido, is reaching its peak at the Hokkaido Salad Paprika facility in the city of Kushiro.

As well as common red, yellow and orange paprika, the company also cultivates a very sweet, long, thin variety in its greenhouses. This year’s harvest began on March 22 and, during the peak season from May to July will yield 4 to 5 tons a day, with a target yield of approximately 600 tons by mid-November.

On June 17, workers used a special knife to harvest the paprika and sort them according to color and size. The harvested paprika are shipped to retailers in the city as well as to Sapporo and Tokyo.

Paprika produced in Kushiro tend to be heavier and have more flesh than paprika from overseas. “This year, the shapes are good and everything is going well. We want the consumers to enjoy the sweetness and juiciness of the paprika,” says the company’s CEO, Tanabe.


Hokkaido Salad Paprika facility