Plump soba seeds, harvesting starts at Shintoku farm

Harvesting of local Shintoku town soba (buckwheat) began on August 19 at the Fukuyama farming area of the Shintoku Bussan Sahoro Farm.

There was some concern over whether soba crops could grow well this year, stemming from factors including the need for reseeding in some fields due to the drought. However, crops recovered from good weather in August, and harvesting began one week sooner than last year. The Shintoku Bussan Sahoro Farm soba crop is 90 hectares, making this the largest field in the town. The plump black soba seeds were swiftly harvested at the Farm using two harvester machines under a clear blue sky. The seeds energetically filled the truck bed with an intense pouring sound. Harvesting work will last until around October. The overall harvest is expected to be a normal, average haul of around 110 tons. The local soba noodle restaurant “Shintoku Soba no Yakata” plans to provide fresh, new soba from September 18 onward.