Radishes for pickling matured by drying in the sun

Daikon radishes hung under the eaves of Ito’s house. The 2nd-floor veranda is also crammed

The sun drying of daikon radishes for pickling is reaching its peak in various parts of southern Hokkaido. The sight of the radishes, like white blinds swaying in the cold breeze, provides a feeling of late autumn.

Approximately 2,000 radishes were hung in front of the home of Mr. Ito, a farmer in the city of Hakodate. Characterized by their fibrous flesh, the ‘Nishimachi Riso (ideal) Daikons’ are 60 cm long, which is longer than normal, and have grown well this year.

The farmer’s home also has its own direct-sales stall. Dried radishes will be on sale from the end of November when the moisture has evaporated and the flavor has increased. Mr. Ito says, “Please enjoy the firm texture of the radishes mixed with pickled herrings or in the form of takuan (pickled radish).”


Ito Farms Direct-sales