‘Ritto’ – second Akkeshi Whisky chocolate goes on sale

‘YOIYO Akkeshi-Ritto’ goes on sale at Conquiglie

On December 14, Lotte released ‘YOIYO Akkeshi-Ritto,’ a luxury chocolate made with whisky from Kenten Co., Ltd’s Akkeshi Distillery (Akkeshi). This is the second collaboration between the two companies. The sale of the chocolate will be limited to a special website and the Conquiglie roadside rest area in the town.

 The chocolates are filled with single-malt Ritto whisky (released in November 2021), which has a subtle sweetness and aroma of brown sugar and chocolate, and has been matured in mizunara wood and sherry barrels. Lotte has been marketing chocolates made with luxury whisky from various regions, under the brand name of YOIYO and, in September, chocolates containing ‘Boshu’ Akkeshi Whisky attracted a lot of attention.

 Three varieties of Ritto Chocolate boxes are available, featuring photos of the Bekanbeushi Wetlands, a red-crowned crane near the water, and the Ayamegahara Wild Flower Fields, all on a white base. An exclusive sales counter has been established at Conchiglie, where boxes of 10 chocolates are available for 626 yen. A self-employed man visiting from Tokyo, who loves whisky, bought six boxes, saying “I look forward to eating them and seeing what it’s like as chocolate.”

 The chocolates can also be purchased from Lotte’s special website at https://www.lotte.co.jp/products/brand/yoiyo/ A 4-box set costs 3,132 yen. A 10-box set, 7,020 yen.


Conquiglie roadside rest area