Sapporo’s Penguin Bakery wins ‘Currypan Grand Prix’ Grand Gold Award for 2nd consecutive year

A member of staff holding this year’s Grand Gold Award winning Currypan Fondue and Shrimp Currypan Fondue

A product of Penguin Bakery, which has stores in Sapporo and other cities, has received the Grand Gold Award for the second consecutive year at the ‘Currypan (curry bun) Grand Prix 2021,’ a competition in which fans vote to determine the best curry buns in Japan. Penguin (Sapporo), which operates the bakery, says “We would like to thank everyone who supported us.”
The competition is organized by the Japan Currypan Association. The competition was split into a total of seven categories, with 318 varieties from 289 shops competing in the qualifying rounds, and 133 varieties from 94 shops taking part in the finals.
Penguin Bakery won the Grand Gold Award (Gold Award last year) in the ‘Eastern Japan fried bun category’ for its Currypan Fondue (250 yen). The Shrimp Currypan Fondue (330 yen) also won the Gold Award (Grand Gold Award last year) in the ‘variety category’.

The store’s curry buns were created when it opened a stall at the 2019 Sapporo Autumn Fest. Made with ingredients produced in Hokkaido, the buns have a characteristic rich cheese and spicy curry flavor, and have become a popular product, selling 2.5 million a year.
According to Penguin’s Mori Aya, “We’re happy that our ‘everyday bakery,’ which is not a high-end bakery, has won the award for the second consecutive year.


Penguin Bakery Maruyama-urasando