Shimokawa-sourced honey and tomato liqueurs, four types available online

Gin base liqueurs made with Shimokawa-sourced ingredients like honey and fruit tomatoes

Gin based liqueurs made with honey and fruit tomatoes sourced in Shimokawa in the Northern Hokkaido Kamikawa area are ready for consumption and being sold online. There are four flavors available, and they are especially delicious when mixed with rooibos tea and black tea.

This liqueur project was headed by General Incorporated Association “Ezousagi”, a group composed of Shimokawa based members in areas including bee keeping, farming, and foresting. Out of the four flavors, “Ezousagi” is a satisfying blend of honey, Sakhalin fir, and tomato. The other flavors are “Fruit Tomato”, made of tomatoes distilled together with tomato branches; “Honey”, made with bodaiju tree honey; and “Sakhalin Fir”, which entices the nose with a Sakhalin fir fragrance.

Involved individuals, the farming cooperative, and the Shimokawa municipal government established a council to educate the public on issues facing bee keeping, farming, and forestry such as the decrease of honey bees due to pesticides and honey source bodaiju trees being trimmed together with coniferous trees. They started test distillation last year.
“Fruit Tomato” has an alcohol content of 40%, and the rest are 24%. All flavors are 6,500 yen for 500 milliliters and 2,800 yen for 180 milliliters. They are being sold at the Ezousagi online shop at


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