Shinhidaka dessert parlor launches refreshing gelato to resounding praise

Taiyo no Hitomi cherry tomato gelato

Dessert parlor “peekaboo” in the Shizunai area of Shinhidaka in the Hidaka region has started selling a gelato made from local Shinhidaka-grown “Taiyo no Hitomi” cherry tomatoes and basil for an Italian flavor experience. The new gelato has garnered resounding praise.
Since opening in June of last year, “peekaboo” has been focusing on crafting collaboration products with local ingredients, like honey and rhubarb. The parlor used Taiyo no Hitomi cherry tomatoes last year as well, but this time they upped the ante with basil grown at the parlor itself for a refreshing flavor enhancement. Customer reaction is wonderful, with responses like, “The basil adds just the right amount of fragrance, and gelato is smooth and easy to eat.”
The parlor patissier extolled the deliciousness of the new dessert, saying, “This recipe perfectly highlights the characteristics of Taiyo no Hitomi cherry tomatoes, with their excellent balance between sweetness and tartness. It is magnificent as a desert to enjoy after eating European cuisine.”
The gelato is available for 390 yen either in a cup or a cone. “peekaboo” plans on offering it until early autumn when the Taiyo no Hitomi cherry tomato harvest ends.