Shipment of ‘Sunflower’ watermelons begins in Hokuryu

The yellow-fleshed ‘sunflower’ watermelons, of which the first shipment was made. In the background is agricultural cooperative head, Watanabe

The shipment of small Himawari (sunflower) watermelons, a specialty of the town of Hokuryu in the Sorachi region of central Hokkaido, began on June 10. The yellow flesh is reminiscent of a sunflower, the flower of the town, and the harvest and shipping facilities were filled with a slightly early summer atmosphere.

The sugar content of the watermelons is over 12 degrees and, according to Mr. Watanabe, head of the agricultural cooperative, “The nights were cold this year, and the differences in temperature made them sweeter.” The watermelons were transported to markets in Asahikawa and Sapporo, where they were auctioned on June 11. A total of 14,000 boxes will be shipped until the end of August, and sales are expected to reach approximately 40 million yen.


Hokuryu Town