Strange potato looks like cow face

The potato that looks like a cow face

A resident in eastern Hokkaido’s Betsukai Town dug up potatoes growing in the household vegetable garden, only to discover a potato that looked like a cow face.
When Yoshida harvested red moon potatoes in a neighborhood vegetable garden on September 3, one of the harvested potatoes was slightly larger than a fist. It looked like a long cow face, with ears on either side of the head and eyes, a trunk, and a mouth as well.
Yoshida saves seed potatoes from the harvested potatoes every year and plants them in the following spring. The gardener reports seeing all sorts of strange potatoes in the past, but nothing with this strange of a shape.
“When I dug it up, I was immediately shocked. Harvesting a potato that looks like a cow in a dairy farming town is pretty funny,” Yoshida said laughing. The gardener went on to say, “It seems like a waste for me to just eat it on my own, so I am thinking of sending it to my grandchild who loves cows.”


Betsukai Town