The remotest popular ramen shop Miraku markets cup noodles and the like

Cup and bagged noodles developed by ‘Miraku’, a ramen shop in the town of Rishiri. The soup made with Rishiri kelp is popular.

Enjoy the taste of the remotest popular ramen shop at home. As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, the popular ramen shop ‘Rishiri Ramen Miraku’ in the town of Rishiri on Rishiri Island in northern Hokkaido is focusing on the development of new products. In addition to cup noodles and instant noodles in bags that are sold nationwide, curry and other dishes are now being made into products. The special feature is the authentic soup made with lashings of Rishiri kelp, which compliments the taste of the noodles. According to the shop, “Even if you can’t come to the island, you can taste the ramen that we’re proud of.”

“I’m so happy that my dream of launching cup noodles has come true,” says Esashika Takamasa of the Miraku shop, which was approached by the major convenience store chain FamilyMart to commercialize its most popular ‘grilled soy-sauce ramen’ as a cup noodle for the first time. After prototypes were repeatedly made since last winter, the noodles are now be available for 228 yen at FamilyMarts nationwide for a limited period from late September.

Prior to this, chilled raw noodles were released to supermarkets nationwide in August, and dried instant noodles in bags were released in September. In each case, the noodles used were medium-thick wavy noodles made from Hokkaido wheat, produced by Nishiyama Seimen, and come complete with a soup with a good balance of sweetness and saltiness. Both the chilled, raw noodles and dried noodles can be purchased from the Aizawa Food Department Store in Wakkanai.

Furthermore, curry made with kelp stock will be sold at the major drug store ‘Sapporo Drug Store’ from October 11. “I hope a wide range of people will get to know the delicious taste of Rishiri kelp through the products,” said Mr. Esashika.