Traditional green curry dish, Thai trainees give parent-child lessons

A lesson on how to make Thai food

Thai technical trainees in eastern Hokkaido’s Mombetsu City taught parent-child groups how to prepare traditional Thai food. The lesson was held on November 29 in the cooking room of the Hokkaido Prefectural Okhotsk Sea Ice Park. Participants got to know the trainees while preparing dishes like green curry.
A city resident group organized the event. Two years ago a cooking class was given by Chinese trainees, and last year a cooking class was given by Vietnamese trainees. This year three Thais working at a seafood processing company gave a cooking lesson to five parent-child groups, totaling to ten students.
The curry was prepared by stir-frying curry roux sold at an import food store, then adding chicken and eggplant and simmering. The trainees taught students, “Any vegetables are fine. You can use any left overs you have at home.” When making the tapioca coconut milk dessert, they taught points like how long to boil the tapioca. At the end, everyone tried the dishes together. An elementary school student who participated said, “It was very spicy, but the Thais ate it with no problems. It made me feel like different countries have a different sense of taste.”


Okhotsk Sea Ice Park