Two types of low-malt beer using sake lees introduced in Sapporo

Participants in the event raise a toast with low-malt beers ‘mosir’ and ‘upas’

On April 2, Hop Kotan Brewing in the town of Kamifurano in the Kamikawa region held an event at the Tap Room BEER KOTAN in Chuo-ku, Sapporo, to unveil low-malt beer made with sake lees from the Kamikawa Taisetsu Sake Brewery in the town of Kamikawa. Participants in the event were able to savor the appeal of both companies at the same time.
The two companies cooperated to plan the production of the low-malt beer to help boost the alcoholic beverage industry amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Two types of beer, ‘mosir’ and ‘upas,’ made with 100% Kamifurano-produced hops and sake lees from Junmai Daiginjo, were presented.
Mosir means ‘land’ in the Ainu language, and the aroma of sake lees combined with stout (black beer) gives it a light, dry taste. Upas, meaning ‘snow,’ is based on a standard Pilsner, and is characterized by the rich, mellow taste created by the sweetness of sake lees. Suzuki Sakae, brew master at Hop Kotan Brewing explained, “The same amount of sake lees was added to both beers, but they have completely different flavors.
Participants compared the two beers and commented, “It tastes sweeter than regular beer.” Niiyama Hitoshi, sales manager of Kamikawa Taisetsu Sake Brewery, said, “We would like to continue our cooperation and provide cheerful topics in the future.”