Two year consecutive Rakuten Gourmet Grand Prize winner: "Powder Snow" from Muroran flour shop

"Powder Snow" flour from ALNATURIA in Muroran has won the "Rakuten Ichiba" Gourmet Grand Prize for two consecutive years

A strong bread flour made from Hokkaido wheat called “Powder Snow”, blended by the Muroran flour shop “ALNATURIA”, was selected in the powders category for the FY 2020 “Gourmet Grand Prize”, which awards products that have garnered popularity on Japan’s largest online shopping website “Rakuten Ichiba”. This was their second consecutive year to win. One reason for the popularity was the increase in the amount of people enjoying bread baking at home due to the novel coronavirus this fiscal year.

“Powder Snow” was released in 2018 as an original ALNATURIA blend of “Haru Yo Koi”, which is known for its aroma and sweetness, and “Yumechikara”, which produces a pleasant chewy texture. It has a consistency reminiscent of smooth, powdery snow and bakes to a pleasantly chewy finish.

According to Rakuten, which operates the online shopping website, the “Gourmet Grand Prize” is determined and awarded by comprehensively considering factors including customer reviews and sales for each genre, like food products and alcoholic beverages. “Powder Snow” was selected from among the approximately 12,000 products registered in the powders category. Over one thousand reviews were posted for Powder Snow on the shopping website, with comments like, “This powder bakes into really tasty bread,” and, “The fragrance is great.” The user appraisal was as high as 4.7 points out of 5.

Company President Kusumoto Koki expressed his joy, saying, “The high quality of this product is the result of pursuing the ultimate in flour. We want to continue offering high quality flour in the future as well.”

In addition to Rakuten Ichiba, the flour is available on a total of four internet shopping sites including Yahoo.