Venison fair held at Ikeda Wine Castle

Five dishes, including four limited-period dishes, prepared for the Wine Castle restaurant’s ‘Hokkaido venison fair’

Ikeda Wine Castle in the town of Ikeda in the Tokachi region of eastern Hokkaido added four venison dishes to its restaurant’s menu in November, as part of a ‘Hokkaido venison fair’. “We have prepared a venison dish that is perfect with our ‘Yamasachi’ wine. We hope people will enjoy how much they complement each other,” said head chef Nishina Naoya.

Of the a-la-carte dishes added to the menu for a limited period in November, two are appetizers: ‘mortadella,’ which is a mosaic-patterned sausage thinly sliced like ham, and ‘liver paste’ mixed with raisins that have been marinated with spices in brandy. Each dish costs 500 yen.

The other two dishes are ‘Tongue stewed in red wine’ (2,300 yen), which is made using the exclusive cut of a whole deer’s tongue, and ‘bone-in loin rôtir (roast)’ (2,500) – a Hokkaido venison loin steak on the bone. The dishes can be flavored with a choice of game sauce or French Guérande salt.

In addition, ‘Rigatoni Bolognese’ (1,350 yen), which has become a well-established dish on the menu from this spring, will also be offered during the ‘Hokkaido venison fair’.

‘Yamasachi,’ the wine that head chef Nishina says “complements venison dishes” is made from a variety of grapes that was registered by the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) last autumn. This ‘Hokkaido venison fair’ aims to modestly celebrate the first anniversary of this registration.


Ikeda Wine Castle