Wakkanai Aizawa Shokuryo Hyakkaten wins 1st & 2nd prizes in Local Supermarket Food contest

Sales manager Fukuma celebrates the achievement while holding the packed lunches recommended by the store

Two packed lunches from the Aizawa Shokuryo Hyakkaten (food department store), a supermarket in the city of Wakkanai in northern Hokkaido, have won the Grand Prix and the Runner-up Prize in the ‘Local Supermarket Food’ category of the “Fans’ choice ‘Local Supermarket Grand Prix 2022’”.
The contest was held by the National Association of Local Supermarkets (Tokyo) from April 11 to May 8. Twenty-four ingenious entries were submitted by 10 stores in various regions of Japan. The competition was based on the number of ‘likes’ and comments received for products participants ‘want to eat’ after viewing photos of packed lunches that were posted on the photo-sharing app Instagram.
Aizawa Food Department Store offered a ‘Tokujo Makunouchi Bento’ (756 yen) containing plump salmon marinated in sake lees for three days, and a ‘Scallop Okowa Bento’ (756 yen) packed with Soya scallops. The ‘Tokujo Makunouchi Bento’ won the Grand Prix and the ‘Scallop Okowa Bento’ won the Runner-up Prize, while receiving comments like “It looks very delicious” and “both the taste and texture are great.”
“Prepared and ready cooked ingredients can be said to be ‘the face of the store’ and are an important part of its sales area. We use ingredients that create a distinctive Wakkanai feel, and we want to continue to offer products that our customers find delicious,” said Mr. Fukuma, the store’s sales manager.


Aizawa Shokuryo Hyakkaten (food department store)