Yubari Melons fetch 3 million yen at the first auction of the year

CEO Noda with the 3-million-yen melons for which he made a successfull bid

The year’s first auction of Yubari Melons was held at the Sapporo Central Wholesale Market on the morning of May 26, and a successful bid of 3 million yen for a box of two top-grade ‘Superior’ Yubari Melons was made by Hokuyu Pack, a Yubari Melon packing company in the city of Yubari. A total of 2,720 melons were auctioned, the largest number ever for the first auction of the year.
When the auction began at 7:00 a.m., the market echoed with the lively voice of the auctioneer, as more than 150 people involved in the auction watched from afar. The successful bidder, Mr. Noda, CEO of Hokuyu Pack, said, “They’re really sweet, and have a quality seldom seen in recent years. I hope many people will come to Yubari and buy them.”


Hokuyu Pack