100 lanterns of hope float in the night sky

"Tsukigata Hope Festival", with magical orange lantern lights floating in the night sky

LED lit lanterns floated into the night sky on February 6 at the first “Tsukigata Hope Festival”, held at the playground of central Hokkaido’s Tsukigata Elementary School. About 120 Tsukigata townspeople gazed upon the magical light emitted by the lanterns.

With no immediate end to the novel coronavirus pandemic in sight, the Tsukigata Tourism Association organized this festival to bring hope to the hearts of Tsukigata townspeople.

Each participant received a lantern with a kite string attached, made of Japanese washi paper covers wrapped around helium-filled balloons and LED lights, and waited. After 500 fireworks were set off, the participants all let go of their strings together with the signal from the leader, and approximately 100 lanterns ascended into the night sky.
There was no breeze, and some lanterns floated in place at heights of 15 meters or more. The participants were bathed in orange lantern light. A man who came together with his wife and child smiled, saying, “It was beautiful and fun to watch. We haven’t had many chances to play outside recently because of the coronavirus and snowstorms, so our child also really enjoyed it.”


Tsukigata Elementary School