60 drones in Kushiro light show

The ‘Kushiro Autumn Night Drone Show,’ an event in which small drones fitted with LEDs illuminate the night sky, was held at open rest areas near the Kushiro River estuary on the night of October 30. After the show, a surprise fireworks display was held, entertaining approximately 700 visitors.

A drone light performance attracted attention at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, but this was the first such performance in Hokkaido. Sixty drones shone colorfully as they flew in the night sky, making shapes resembling the wild long-tailed-tit and hearts, as well as the numbers 946, which – in Japanese – phonetically sound like ‘Kushiro’.

A male junior high school student from Kushiro said “The movement of the drones was so detailed, it was amazing. I made some good memories with my family.” A woman, also from the city, said “I was fascinated as it was so beautiful – like stars. It was cold but I’m glad I came.”

Drones depict a long-tailed-tit in the night sky


Open rest areas near the Kushiro River