A two story play area, safe even in winter. Installed inside Old Starch Factory in Niseko

A play area for children made from excess building material left over from the Old Starch Factory renovation

The town of Niseko installed a two story play area for children in the Old Starch Factory in the Niseko Central Warehouse Group, located in front of JR Niseko station. Play area usage started on March 8. The amazing thing about this play area is that it was constructed using lumber materials from when the Old Starch Factory was renovated five years ago, including stored excess beams and wooden flooring. The town is promoting use among families, citing the play area as an indoor facility where children can play even during the winter.

The play area is 2.4 meters long, 3 meters wide, and 3.5 meters tall. The “sifter” that was used in the factory in days of old was split into two and used to construct bookshelves for picture books and a spiral stairway connecting the first and second floors.

The flooring was constructed using materials used in the factory, but also incorporates new lumber including Japanese cedar from Southern Hokkaido.

The second floor does not have special play equipment. “Instead, we want children to use the second floor as a ‘secret base’,” reports Play Area Head Okuda Keita.

The new construction expenses were approximately three million yen. In addition to plans to install new wooden log play equipment at the end of March, if the play area becomes popular, further expansion is also being considered.


Old Starch Factory in the Niseko Central Warehouse Group