Aromatic drops of Daiginjo sake created by “Shizukudori” filtering at Tanaka Sake Brewery in Otaru

Brewing of new, high-quality sake is getting into full swing at the Kikkogura branch of the Tanaka Sake Brewery in the city of Otaru. On February 20, cotton bags were filled with the unrefined sake to filter out the turbidity of the resulting drips in a process known as ‘Shizukudori’.

 The new sake is ‘Otaru Premium Junmai Daiginjo Takaragawa’ (11,000 yen for a 720 ml bottle). The mash is made from Hokkaido ‘Suisei’ sake-rice that is polished to a rate of 35% before being fermented for approximately 5 weeks.

 On the 20th, master brewer Takano Atsuo (52) and 5 other colleagues filled each cotton bag with 15 liters of mash and hung a total of 40 of them on a wooden pole over a 1.5-meter-deep tank. A fruity aroma spread through the brewery as the clear drops of sake dripped from the bags into the tank.

 The drips of sake were then transferred over a half-day period from a tap into three 18-liter bottles, and then stored for approximately 1 week before production of the new sake was complete. According to Takano, “it will surely turn out to have a smooth, slightly sweet taste”. The new sake will be on sale at the Tanaka Sake Brewery Kikkogura Branch and main shop, as well as online, in March.


Kikkogura branch of the Tanaka Sake Brewery