Calling for New Year of smiles in nengajo postcards during print order peak

Copious nengajo postcard samples line the interior of DAIMARUFUJII CENTRAL

As the new year quickly approaches, New Year nengajo postcard print orders have reached their peak season at the DAIMARUFUJII CENTRAL company in Chuo-ku, Sapporo. CENTRAL offers some three thousand postcard design options. Copious samples line the special first-floor nengajo postcard area and customers are intently sizing them up.

According to CENTRAL, in addition to illustrations of tigers for the 2022 Oriental zodiac year, fun sightseeing themed designs like depictions of the Sapporo TV Tower are garnering popularity, perhaps as a reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. For the postcard greeting text, CENTRAL reports receiving many requests for text wishing for a bright year, such as, “May this year be full of smiles.”

For pre-printed postcards, there is a trend towards selecting orders with a slightly expensive price per card, such as cards featuring gold leaf. The CENTRAL nengajo postcard manager conjectures, “This could be because the number of cards people are sending may be fewer than usual, and senders want to express a more personal feeling of caring to a smaller amount of people.”

Guy Hill, president of a company in Chuo-ku, Sapporo, reports that because he is from the US, this is his first time to send a nengajo postcard. He commented, “I want to express the gratitude I feel every day to my friends and coworkers through a Japanese cultural tradition. I am also already excited about the nengajo postcards that will arrive at home.”