Canoeing down the Teshio River in "Down the Teshi"

Canoe enthusiasts moving along the water surface, powered by the current of the immense Teshio River (10:45 a.m., July 17, Nayoro City)

On July 17, the 2022 installment of “Down the Teshi”, one of Japan’s largest canoe touring competitions, was held after a two-year absence. 206 canoe enthusiasts from inside and outside of Hokkaido gathered together and enjoyed canoeing in 122 canoes down a 34-kilometer span of Teshio River stretching from the Nayoro Ohashi Bridge to “Bifuka Island Canoe Port” in the town of Bifuka.

A male participant from Nayoro City participating for his tenth time smiled and said, “I have really been waiting for this event to reopen. Paddling by myself was hard, but passing through the rapids was fun.”