Cheers at Tanukikoji Terrace

“Tanukikoji Terrace” is being held at a pedestrian precinct in Sapporo Tanukikoji Shopping Street. The shop owners are making an effort to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus by arranging chairs and tables in front of the shops and providing food and drinks there. Visitors are enjoying Sapporo’s summer in the open air.
Sapporo City eased the road occupancy permission standards as an Emergency Special Provision to support the food service industry, which has been affected by the coronavirus. Along the 700 meter pedestrian precinct from 1-Chome to 7-Chome, 61 stores are setting up terrace seating or stalls for selling goods, and most of the participating shops are restaurants. Tanukikoji Terrace is welcoming visitors while thoroughly implementing countermeasures for viral infection including hand cleaning with hand sanitizer. Tanukikoji Terrace will be held until the end of November.


Tanukikoji Shopping Street