Comforting tones of folk instruments as Ainu musicians perform in Sapporo

On December 12, approximately 80 people enjoyed a mini performance of the ‘mukkuri,’ a traditional Ainu musical instrument, and ‘digeridoo,’ a wind instrument of the Australian Aborigine, at ‘The Knot Sapporo’ hotel in Chuo-ku, Sapporo.

 The event was held in conjunction with the Kushiro City-sponsored ‘Crossing Arts Exhibition,’ which was held at the hotel until December 26. Mukkuri player, embroidery artist and resident of Akan-cho, Kushiro, Toko Midori, who also exhibited her works, appear onstage alongside GOMA, a painter and didgeridoo player who lives in Tokyo, as well as Toko’s daughter Goukon Fukiko, an Ainu musician who also lives in Akan-cho, Kushiro.

 During the performance, the musicians played mouth harps from around the world, as well as ‘tonkori,’ a stringed Ainu instrument. A talk show was also held, in which GOMA shared episodes of how he started drawing elaborate pictures after suffering from higher cerebral dysfunction in a traffic accident. Ms. Toko said, “I hope that the fusion of Ainu culture and art will help many people understand the appeal.”

(From the right) GOMA, Ms. Toko and Ms. Goukon performing a mini concert


The Knot Sapporo