Enjoy medicinal blend teas at new Toyako shop

Fukushi sells medicinal blend teas at her shop, which is currently located in the sundries shop “toita” shopfront (August 7)

Nurse Fukushi Minami from the town of Kyogoku in Central Hokkaido’s Shiribeshi area has been offering a mobile sales service for her own medicinal blend teas with recipes based in a medicinal herb theme. On September 9, she opened her own shop called “Cokyuu” in Toyako.

Fukushi originally hails from Abashiri. In addition to working as a nurse, she began to use medicinal herbal teas based in the medicine traditions of China to treat maladies. She went on to attain certification as an International Medicinal Herb Dietician. About five years ago she began selling her own original medicinal blend teas using a mobile sales vehicle belonging to her self-employed husband Daisuke.

She was used to visiting the town of Toyako in autumn and spring, and was already familiar with the area. Just when Fukushi and her husband were starting to think about living near the lake, they found a rental house on Nakadori Street across from Toya Mizu no Eki (Toya Water Station). They renovated it and decided to start a shop. On August 7, Fukushi borrowed the storefront area of “toita”, a neighborhood sundries shop, and started selling items there. Customers immediately responded well, purchasing numerous orders of the three kinds of medicinal blend teas made from rooibos tea, jujube, and ginger as well as various herbs and spices.

“Cokyuu” is slated to offer takeout orders only on weekends and holidays until around November. In addition to their three kinds of medicinal blend teas, they also offer ice cream and sweets such as a “Chocolate Chai” made from organic soy milk. Fukushi commented, “When our oldest daughter (2 yrs. old) starts daycare in next spring, I want to relocate to Toya and ramp up our open hours. I want our shop to protect people when they are feeling under the weather, and I want to make it into a place where people can enjoy a refreshing change of atmosphere and relax.”

“Cokyuu” is located at 128-7 Toya-machi, Toyako-cho. Open days and business hours are announced on the shop Instagram account.