Enjoying Cool Feeling with Snow Slide in Summer at Kyowa Town

A snow slide that children enjoyed

On August 9, the event “Midsummer Snowman” where visitors can enjoy playing in the snow in midsummer was held for the first time in front of the Kyowa Town Hall in central Hokkaido. Kyowa Town residents enjoyed a moment of coolness.

The Kyowa Town Association of General Contractors organized the event. The association collaborated with the “Kutchan 21 Snowman Club” in neighboring Kutchan Town to “uplift the spirit of Kyowa Town” during the COVID-19 crisis that has led to the cancellation of summer festivals. The association was able to carry out the event thanks to the help from the club. The club provided the snow which they had been keeping for their own festival.
The highest temperature in Kyowa Town on that day was 28.9 degrees Celsius. About ten tons of snow was brought into the venue, and two snowmen with a height of about 1.8 meters and a slide with a height of about 1.5 meters were built. The venue was crowded with visitors.


Kyowa Town Hall