Enjoying German Beer in Otaru

Customers enjoying themselves with a beer in one hand

Customers could be seen relaxing with a beer mug in one hand as they enjoyed the holiday on the 4th, the last day of the ‘Oktoberfest’ – an annual autumn event in which authentic German-style beer can be savored in Otaru, at the ‘Otaru Beer Otaru Warehouse No. 1’ beer pub that faces Otaru Canal.
 The popular event is held at the establishment every year, enabling customers to savor the atmosphere of the ‘Oktoberfest’ global beer festival that’s held every year in the same season in Munich, Germany. To avoid crowding and physical contact, seating has been reduced to 100, less than half the normal capacity, and the event began on September 24 under strict measures to prevent the spread of infection from the Covid-19 virus.
 Instead of a live band performance, images of performances were screened, and beer-related quizzes held, while the sale of ‘Festbier’ a limited-edition moderately low-carbonated beer produced using the same production methods as those in in Munich, pleased the beer enthusiasts.


Otaru Beer Otaru Warehouse No. 1