Extraordinary expressions created in snow and ice at Sapporo ‘Geimori W-AWESOME’ event

The Ice Dining Bar in which the extraordinary space – with a counter and tables made of ice – can be enjoyed.

An ‘Ice Hotel & Resort’ event to enable participants to enjoy winter is being held at ‘W-AWESOME,’ an outdoor base to be opened this summer at Sapporo Art Village, an art-related industrial complex adjacent to the Sapporo Art Forest (Geimori) in Minami-ku, Sapporo. This is the first of the pre-opening events, featuring three hotels made of ice and snow, designed by three Sapporo-based artists.

Real estate company, Prime of Life (Sapporo) has acquired 2.3 hectares of city-owned land and is managing the project. The company plans to open a hotel, camping site and restaurant this summer, as a place where people can enjoy the four seasons and nature. The goal is to create a place where people can expand their circle of friends while valuing connections between people. This event began on January 15.

 Guests cannot actually stay in the three ice hotels, but can experience what staying there would be like. Iga Makoto, an artist from the town of Matsumae in the Oshima region, lined up blocks of ice of the same size, creating a geometric piece of work. At the ice dining bar, drinks are served in glasses made of ice.

When night falls, the ice structures are lit up in blue and pink. A female company employee from Sapporo who visited the venue on January 15 said, “The collaboration of the ice and light is alluring.”

The event will be held until February 27. Admission is free. It opens at 11 a.m. and last admission is at 8 p.m.
For details, visit the website at https://w-awesome.com/

An ice bed built in one of the ice hotels. Visitors can roll around on the bed to experience what it would be like to stay there.
Structures such as ice hotels made from snow are just some of the works – created by Sapporo-based artists – that decorate the space