First sword striking ceremony takes place at the Japan Steel Works’ Zuisen Sword Forge

The annual New Year’s Japanese sword striking ceremony was held at the Zuisen Sword Forge in the Japan Steel Works M & E, Inc. Muroran plant (Muroran City) on the 4th. Fifteen executives from the steel works were present at the ceremony in which prayers were offered for safe operations during the year.

Zuisen Sword Forge was established in 1918 with the aim of handing down and improving Japanese sword producing techniques, and the year’s first striking ceremony has continued from the time the forge was established. Japan Steel Works M & E employee and 5th-generation master of the Zuisen Sword Forge, Sasaki Taneshige (48) and his predecessor and swordsmith Horii Tanetada (66) made the case-hardened steel use to produce the swords while dressed in kimonos.

“This year we want to make swords that are able to cut away the disasters,” said Sasaki. The case-hardened steel created will be used to produce approximately 10 decorative swords.


Japan Steel Works M & E, Inc. Muroran plant