Handmade hanging dolls displayed at 22 locations including former kimono store and restaurants

The ‘9th Northern Hina Decorations Await Spring’ – an event in which ‘tsurushi-bina’ (hanging dolls) handmade by local residents are displayed – was held at several venues, including the main venue at the former Kanayo Yoneguchi Kimono Store, in the town of Tobetsu in central Hokkaido, in line with the ‘Dolls’ Festival’ on March 3. The venues were filled with a festive atmosphere in which small, vividly colored dolls with abundant expressions were displayed.

Tsurushi-bina is a custom from Shizuoka Prefecture that has been handed down since the Edo period (1603-1868), in which dolls are hand sewn to wish for the health and happiness of children. The ‘Northern Hina Decorations’ were held from February 22 to March 6. The dolls were displayed at 22 locations in the town, including kimono stores, restaurants, other shops and the Tobetsu Post Office.

Small dolls, including animals and the like, are hung on a thread creating the ‘tsurushi-bina’ (hanging dolls)


Kanayo Yoneguchi Kimono Store