Handmade paper-bag lantern event in Makubetsu

The ‘2022 Makubetsu Tsunagu Lantern Festival,’ in which residents light handmade paper-bag lanterns, was held on February 26 at Akenogaoka Park in the town of Makubetsu in the Tokachi region of eastern Hokkaido. The venue was filled with a warm glow as 2,000 lanterns decorated with flowers and animal patterns were lit.

The unique lanterns, many decorated with pictures or cut-out patterns, were lined up in and around the park’s symbolic observation deck, ‘Pira-ri.’ Other lanterns bore messages such as ‘Thanks for the excitement’ in honor of speed skater Takagi Nana and her younger sister Miho, who hail from the town and who competed in the Beijing Olympics. A woman from the town who visited with her family said, “All the lanterns are of high quality. I enjoyed the magical atmosphere.”

Akenogaoka Park in Makubetsu, lit by the warm glow of handmade paper-bag lanterns


Akenogaoka Park