Hinamatsuri doll display: slightly early, amazingly beautiful

Hina decorations on display at Hokkaido Soya Fureai Park

A colorful doll display has appeared in the visitor center of Wakkanai’s Hokkaido Soya Fureai Park in advance of the March 3rd Momo no Sekku (Peach Festival) day for praying that girls will grow up healthily. The display is a delight to the eyes for everyone who visits.

The ornamental “hina” doll display consists of a pair of tiered display stands with seven levels each. Dolls and items donated by city residents about a decade ago are displayed every year. On a display platform approximately 2 meters tall sit approximately 30 dolls and ornaments such as paper lanterns.

A three year old Wakkanai girl vising the park with her father said, “All of the dolls look cute in their kimonos.” The display will last until March 3.


Soya Fureai Park