Hokkaido Centennial Memorial Tower, Silhouette extending outwards from "snowflake" design

A soaring tower overlooking a green forest expanse. A uniquely shaped shadow stretches out from the hexagonally shaped tower base. It is the shadow of the “Hokkaido Centennial Memorial Tower” located in Sapporo City’s Hokkaido Prefectural Nopporo Forest Park.
In commemoration of 100 years since the naming of Hokkaido, the tower is 100 meters tall. It was completed in 1970, but due to aging, the decision was made two years ago to dismantle it.
Tower designer Iguchi said, “The tower emits a different impression depending on the angle you view it from. From the top, you can see clearly the hexagonal snowflake crystal shape and a design intended to symbolize the Japanese character for the ‘north’ that makes up part of the name Hokkaido. ”
A park-goer who strolls around the park almost daily said, “This is a symbol that everyone expects to see when they come here. It will be sad to see it go.” The date for dismantling has not yet been set. There are plans to build a new monument in the site.


Hokkaido Centennial Memorial Tower