Installation of trees interwoven with cloth – an outdoor exhibition of work by Obihiro artist Umeda

The installation by Umeda, in which a mysterious sensation is created by the mixture of linear and curved lines as the white lengths of cloth hang between the trees

 ‘Erosion’, an exhibition of work by Umeda Masanori, a contemporary artist that resides in the city of Obihiro in the Tokachi region of eastern Hokkaido, is being held at an outdoor gallery in the Manabe Garden tourist attraction in the city. The installation, which utilizes garden paths surrounded by countless larch trees, features 8 lengths of cylindrical white cloth that appear amid the tree trunks as they hang from a height of 8 meters.

 The harmony of the linear beauty of the larch, which stretch vertically to a height much taller than the lengths of cloth, and the soft curves of the cloth as it sways in the wind, is a highlight of the installation. The work originates from an idea that has been accumulating for approximately 4 years, and came about after Umeda was approached by the garden to hold a solo exhibition there.

 According to Umeda, the work is unfinished. Work to increase the number of lengths of cloth will be carried out in June, and dye will also be added. “The expressions change according to the weather and the angle from which they are viewed. I want visitors to think of a variety of things as they view the work,” says Umeda.

 The exhibition will continue until July 31. Garden admission fees are 1,000 yen for adults and 200 yen for elementary and junior high school pupils.


Manabe Garden