Kutaniyaki exhibition begins at Otaru Museum of Art

Otaru City Museum of Art exhibition venue

An exhibition introducing Kutaniyaki porcelain, which was made 150–160 years ago and brought to Otaru and its surrounding areas by the Kitamae trading ships, is being held at the Otaru City Museum of Art, where visitors are enjoying the vivid colors and delicate patterns.
 The exhibition, organized by the museum, features a total of 144 pieces and related materials that exist in Otaru and 6 communities in its vicinity, which were collected by the Kutaniyaki Art Museum in the city of Kaga in Ishikawa prefecture, where Kutaniyaki originates. Both Kaga and Otaru are municipalities designated as ‘Kitamae trading-ship ports of call/shipowner settlements’ under the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Japan Heritage program, and the exhibition was made possible thanks to this connection.
 The exhibition focuses mainly on plates, bowls and vases, but the characteristically profound coloring and detailed design of an incense burner and sake bottle are also eye-catching.
“We would like people to know about how this splendid culture spread, together with people from the Hokuriku region, by means of trading,” said Otaru City Museum of Art’s chief curator.
 The exhibition will run until December 27; adult admission fee ¥800; closed on Mondays.


Otaru City Museum of Art