Light show in sync with images of Hatsune Miku

‘SYNCHRONICITY 2020’, an event in which townscapes are lit-up in sync with images of the popular Vocaloid software character Hatsune Miku, was held at the Kita 3-jo Plaza ‘AKAPLA’ in Chuo-ku, Sapporo on October 16 and 17.
The show formed part of ‘NoMaps 2020’, a networking event organized under the same executive committee, aimed at the creation of new business focusing on IT. This year was the first such trail using virtual reality, in which 360-degree images of the singing Hatsune Miku were projected onto a reproduction of the Kita 3-jo Plaza. Approximately 70 banks of LED lights lit up the plaza space and surrounding trees in sync with the songs.
Visitors were able to view the images via their Smartphone, as well as enjoy the light show while experiencing the sense of the virtual Hatsune Miku appearing in the dark plaza.