Malaysian and Thai nationals strive to be bridge between Tokachi and home

Quomarul Ariffin Bin Mohd Ali (left) and Pakwalan Wongpui

Quomarul Ariffin Bin Mohd Ali from Malaysia and Pakwalan Wongpui from Thailand have been working at the Obihiro Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Eastern Hokkaido Tokachi region since April. Though they were originally hired two years ago, they have not been able to enter the country until recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year finally marked the start of their new lives in Japan. Their strong desire is to, “Serve as bridges between our countries and Tokachi.”

Malaysian national Quomarul Ariffin (36) studied aircraft engine development at the Muroran Institute of Technology, and has subsequent work experience as a Japan Airlines staff member at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. He wants to work towards normalizing Muslim-friendly restaurants.

Thai national Pakwalan (25) loves idols and anime, and learned Japanese on her own. She commented, “I want to export milk that is popular in Thailand.” She is bursting with the fresh perspective and new ideas of youth.


Obihiro Chamber of Commerce and Industry