Monitor ‘SUP yoga’ activity in Toyoura

Participants experiencing SUP yoga on the choppy sea

On May 29, participants from throughout Hokkaido and beyond enjoyed participating in a monitor ‘SUP yoga’ activity that was held at Toyoura Seaside Park in the Iburi region of central Hokkaido.

SUP (stand-up paddleboarding) is a way of propelling a floating board in an upright position, using a paddle.
SUP yoga has been attracting attention as a way of relaxing amid the nature, while strengthening the body core by riding the board, which is made unstable by the waves and wind.
Applications to take part in the activity, which was filled to capacity, were received from twenty people, mostly women in their 20s to 40s. Ten people took part in each of the morning and afternoon sessions that took place under the guidance of a yoga instructor. Strong wind and waves rocked the boards, prompting nervous cries from some of the participants, who were soon able to stand up from a prone position, smiling as they engaged in various poses.


Toyoura Seaside Park