Montbell collaboration Rishiri island limited-edition T-shirt now on sale

The T-shirts, produced in collaboration with Montbell, sold by Sato Shoten since this spring

Sato Shoten, a company that runs convenience stores and the like on the island of Rishiri in northern Hokkaido, has collaborated with the major outdoor goods manufacturer and sales company Montbell (Osaka), to sell limited-edition T-shirts available only on the island. The T-shirts are proving popular among hikers on the island, with 600 already sold since they were introduced this spring.

The collaboration came about as a result of Sato Shoten shops stocking Montbell’s sports products. The T-shirts were designed by Otaka Genki (24), an art-school graduate and resident of the town of Rishirifuji on the island. The front features an image of the symbol of Rishiri, Mt. Rishirifuji, while the back features a print of the island’s specialty product, kelp, each in different colors according to the color of the material of the T-shirts, which are available in 7 colors, including red, white and sky blue. The T-shirts are made from 100% polyester with quick drying and UV-cut functions, and cost 3,630 yen.

According to Sato Shoten’s CEO, “We hope to continue selling the T-shirts with a new design every year, with the aim of contributing to the islands tourism PR.”

The T-shirts are for sale at Sato Shoten, the Rishiri branches of Seicomart, and the Rishirifuji Town Tourist Information Center.


Sato Shoten