Music and light art event ‘Rokka-no-Yoru’ held for first time in Nakasatsunai

Illuminated balloons float in the night sky at the venue

On July 16, Rokkatei, a confectionery manufacturer and vendor, held its first ‘Rokka-no-Yoru,’ a nighttime event featuring music and light art in its tourist garden ‘Rokka-no-mori,’ which is located in the village of Nakasatsunai. Many people visited the event from throughout the region and beyond, and were treated to a magical world of light, in which images of Japanese roses that decorate the company’s wrapping paper, were projected onto the meadows.

Lights were shone on paper cutouts to express vividly colored flower blossoms in the streams and meadows at the venue. Video images were also projected, and visitors enjoyed taking pictures of the light art as it reflected on their white raincoats and umbrellas.

 In the latter half of the event, approximately 300 illuminated balloons on strings were handed out to visitors, who were free to let them float in the night sky.