Nara Yoshitomo’s work exhibited as ‘Ura Otaru Baza-Art’ event opens

The venue where Nara Yoshitomo’s work is exhibited

An ‘Ura Otaru Baza-Art’ (the other side of Otaru Bazaart) event began in Otaru on August 11. Work by the world-renowned artist Nara Yoshitomo is exhibited at the venue, which has been visited by many locals.

The venue is an unused shop that was built on Yanagawa-dori Street, close to Otaru Station, over 90 years ago. Three of Nara’s pieces, including new work, such as one depicting a girl staring towards the viewer, are lined up on a wall on which white-painted cardboard has been stuck, like a patchwork. Illustrations for T-shirts, produced to raise funds to hold the exhibition, are also drawn on the walls of the venue, where visitors can be seen viewing the art and taking commemorative photos. Nara, who also visited the venue, said “I wanted to bring my work here as the building provides a sense of bygone beauty.”

The name of the event, ‘Baza-Art’ is a word coined from combining the words bazaar and art. The works will be exhibited from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. until August 29. Admission is free.


Yanagawa-dori Street