New Chitose Airport aid, Chitose city government grants airfare subsidies

"New Chitose Airport Support Gift Certificate" vouchers the city has started sending

The New Chitose Airport has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, and in an effort to offer support, on July 1 the Chitose city government launched an initiative for this fiscal year featuring airfare subsidies and gift certificate distribution. Airfare subsidy requesting started on June 15, and has climbed to approximately 1,350 requests (as of June 22), indicating a strong start to the initiative. New Chitose Airport managing body Hokkaido Airports (HAP) has been experiencing difficult conditions due to passenger decreases, and the city is expecting this initiative to help boost airport usage.

The city is planning three types of initiatives for New Chitose Airport, with a total initiative budget of up to approximately 420 million yen. The three contributions are: (1) fare subsidies of 5,000 yen per Chitose city resident using a flight departing from or arriving at New Chitose Airport, (2) a maximum 5,000-yen per-night lodging expense discount for individuals lodging within Chitose using the departing or arriving flight specified above, and (3) distribution to Chitose residents of gift certificates (for 1,500 yen) usable at New Chitose Airport.

Among these initiatives, reservations for the airfare subsidy initiative started on a special website on June 15, and reservations have already reached approximately 1/5 of the slated number of subsidies. The Airport Policy Division explained, “Nearly half of the people applying for subsidies decided to go on a trip with the subsidies being their deciding factor.” They report destinations were mainly Haneda, and also included the Narita, Kansai, Sendai, and Fukuoka airports.

June 21 saw the commencement of reservations for the lodging expense discount initiative with approximately 40 participating lodging facilities within Chitose, and facilities that are ready will start reserving rooms. The gift certificate distribution initiative is also receiving many inquiries from city residents.


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